Incredible Connection launches R99 uncapped ADSL

Computer retailer Incredible Connection may not be selling 3D printers and Segways just yet, but it does have one ace it’s just played against its rivals: it’s just launched South Africa’s cheapest ADSL bundles (that we’re aware of).

The shop has teamed up with Internet Solutions for the offer, making it BB from IC and IS (not, fortunately, the name it has been given). The deal is that Incredible Connection account holders get access to 1Mbps uncapped internet access for R164 a month, with other packages available on a sliding scale up to R499. The service s being launched with a special offer – 2Mbps for R99 for the first 1 000 customers, which will rise to R194 a month for those who are tardy to it.

You can sign up in store or online at a new website which is live now,

The full line up of products (which don’t include line rental and DSL charge) is below.

ic price chart

*Includes 300MB AlwaysOn WiFi hotspot use

We’re just waiting for details about whether or not traffic is shaped on this particular offer, and will update as soon as we hear back.

It’s a bold move from IC, but one it really needed to make. At its AGM last week IC’s parent company, the JD Group, came under fire from major shareholders who have seen its stock tumble from nearly R5 000 at the start of the year to R2 751 today.

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