The good folks of have put together a fantastic infographic that shows just how popular the most famous books are in relation to each other. Everything from Homer’s Odyssey and The Holy Quran to Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code is represented and compared the amount of times the work has been translated, the number of editions it has had since it was first released and the total number of sales.

The winners of most widely distributed book is The Holy Quran which has had over 3 billion copies printed (not necessarily sold) which is a full half-billion more copies than the second placed King James Bible. Homer’s Odyssey had the most translations with over 250 beating out Le Petit Prince, while Alice In Wonderland had the most editions at 1,513. Some of the most fun anomalies in the list include no sales data for Shakespeare’s works considering that they were never copyrighted and the news that Quotations from Chairman Mao has managed over 800 million sales.

Thankfully Publishers Weekly’s ‘Publishing Person of the Year’ for 2012 E.L. James and her ’50 Shades’ series of books were left off of the list, possibly due to the fact that the site is called Love Reading and they may have some taste in that regard.

Check out the full infographic below:

TheMostPopularBooksofAllTime Infographic

Source: via Fast Company

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