A big thanks to eagle-eyed reader Deon who spotted this one – US music streaming service Rdio is in South Africa. The company has expanded overnight to take in another 20 territories, including Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hungary, Panama, Leichtenstein (!) and, indeed, us.

Rdio is one of the key competitors to Spotify, which has no immediate plans to come here. It’s also much cheaper – a single subscription that includes mobile use is R60, compared to around R100 for Spotify. Indeed, in many areas of comparison – from the elegant simplicity of the apps and browser streaming options, as well as the price – Rdio is more than a competitor for the Swedish service which started it all.

Want to give it a go? It’s free to try for six months and not just in cash terms either – Rdio limits the number of tracks non-subscribers can listen to rather than blunt their ears with ads. Unlimited desktop play is R25 a month, while a family sub for the whole clan is R108.

I haven’t used Rdio before, but I have spent a small fortune on a Spotify premium sub over the years. We’ll be reporting back tomorrow on the quality of music libraries and what’s actually available here in South Africa tomorrow.

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