This year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will for the first time ever include a piece of 3D printed clothing. While it may not be one of the signature pieces of lingerie that the brand is famous for, the 3D printed angel wings graced the leggy form of ‘Angel’ Lindsay Ellingson.

The garment was designed by architect  Bradley Rothenberg who used a computer algorithm to generate the intricate crystalline structures of snowflakes which were arranged over a full 3D body scan of Ellingson (which he swears was completely necessary to ensure the bustier would be as form-fitting as possible). The printing was handled by New York based 3D printing company Shapeways whose website allows users to print their own designs or the designs of others being sold on the site in a variety of materials.

The angel wings and its attached corset were printed using the latest in 3D printing technology called laser-sintering which is different to the extrusion based printers that we’ve mostly become familiar with and allows for even more intricate designs to be printed out of an array of new materials. The wings are made out of nylon and embellished with Swarovski Crystals to add the necessary bling that the evening’s over-the-top festivities call for.

When asked about the difficulties of printing the garment Rothenberg said “The first corset prototype we printed at 0.8mm, which came out like a fine lace — It barely held together, & the machines had to be specifically calibrated to print at such a thin size.  We tried to push the limits of the machine and go as thin as possible for the corset part, while transitioning to the thicker more structural parts”

You can read more about the entire process on Shapeways’ blog where they did a full interview with Rothenberg.

(Source: Wired)

(Image: Zimbio and Shutterstock)