So you were one of the lucky people who got themselves a shiny new PlayStation 4 on launch day and you’re loving the graphics and you can’t tear yourself away from the screen, but then now your significant other has come home and is demanding to watch ANN7 on the only TV in the house. Do you give up, grudgingly, and relegate your shiny new PS4 to paperweight status until everyone’s asleep?

No, you don’t! Sony’s PlayStation 4 comes with the ability to stream many of the console’s games to the PlayStation Vita handheld system. It’s called Remote Play, and it will let you carry on playing remotely even when your main TV is in use.

As it turns out, setting it up is actually quite simple, involving changing a setting or two on your PS4 and pairing it with your Vita over your home network. If you want to see the entire process before trying it yourself, Sony’s UK division has pre-empted your needs and released a video showing exactly that.

Thanks, Sony!

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