Map Monday: Take over the world with Google Earth War

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gearth What if you could use Google Earth for more than virtual journeys across the globe, flying through 3D cities, and finding hidden surprises?

What if you could use Google Earth to wage a virtual war and capture territories?

That’s exactly what Mickey Mellen did, eight years ago when he created GE War. Today, the game – run by the community that plays it – is still going strong, albeit still in developmental stages. Nonetheless, 1 300 cities feature in the game, and players can gather resources to trade with or build their armies. There are even nuclear attacks for attacks – because virtual war is serious business, and you have to protect your population from the inevitable.

For a community this old chances are that newcomers might be left a little intimidated and lost in the mire. Thankfully, GE War now has a boot camp tutorial for newcomers – and the only requirement is that you have Google Earth installed to play.



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