Garmin has launched its first volley into the latest craze in the tech scene at CES with the vívofit fitness band. The vívofit is similar to Fitbit’s newest fitness band the Force in looks and bears a striking resemblance to Nike’s FuelBand in functionality. While the vívofit and the FuelBand both allow users to set a goal for each day, the vívofit does it by working out an average activity level for the you over the first few days of use. It then creates a realistic goal for you to try and achieve which, if met, get pushed out further and further each time to try and coax you into being more active. The vívofit’s curved OLED display is always on and can display steps, goal countdown, calories, distance and, of course, the time.

The vívofit can also be paired with an ANT+ heart rate monitor for tracking exertion more accurately. All of the data is synced with the Garmin Connect site which users of the company’s running GPS watches will be familiar with. The vívofit also has a red bar which appears on the display after an hour of inactivity and continues to build for as long as you remain inactive. To ‘get out of the red’ you need to stand up and walk around for a bit which Garming says will prevent a decrease in the body’s production of fat-burning enzymes.

We have had confirmation from Garmin that the vívofit will be available in South Africa towards the end of March but they have not yet confirmed the retail pricing. The vívofit costs $129 (R1380) or $169 (R1800) with a bundled heart rate monitor in the US.

Source: Garmin

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