Pebble has had a fantastic 12 months since it showed off the original Pebble smartwatch at CES 2013. This year though the team has decided to up their game by introducing the Pebble Steel, a stainless steel smartwatch with all of the same features as the original Pebble smartwatch but with a premium finish that many detractors had been clamouring for.

With over 300 000 Pebble watches already sold and plans for a new Pebble app store to become part of the existing Pebble app for smartphones, Pebble is fast becoming the leader of the smartwatch pack (in fact our Editor, Adam, swears by his). So as to not split the usage base of the existing Pebble, the Pebble Steel uses the same e-ink display with the same resolution ensuring that all apps run smoothly on the new platform and retains its 5-7 day battery life. Like the original Pebble the Steel will have a choice of colours, either Brushed Stainless Steel or Black Matte which will each come with a matching metal wrist strap as well as a black leather strap. The Steel will also be waterproof up to five atmospheres (50M for those of us not accustomed to underwater pressure measurements).

What has changed though are the dimensions of the watch with the Steel shaving off a bit of the overall size of the case while also adding Corning’s Gorilla Glass to the top of the watch giving it a more scratch resistant finish. The Steel also adds a new LED notification light which, for the moment, only shows the charge status of the Pebble. The biggest change over the original Pebble though is the price, up $100 to $249 (around R2 700).

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