If you’re bankrupt after dropping large bills on a PlayStation 4, new PC, or any other toys this festive season, but still want some games to play, we have great news. The current Humble Indie Bundle will give you maximum entertainment bang for your budget-restricted buck, with six great indie games for just around R60.

Well, technically it’s $5.35 (at the time of writing), but given that the Humble Bundle project lets you pay what you want, you can get away with just a single dollar. Just be warned, your thriftiness won’t get you the whole shebang – pledge less than the average, and you’ll only get access to four of the games.

The six titles on offer are:

  • To the Moon – 16-bit graphics are used to tell the tale of a man that wants to travel to the moon.
  • Joe Danger 2 – Take the role of Joe Danger: stuntman extraordinaire.
  • Papo & Yo – A beautiful, award-winning tale of a boy who wants to cure his friend Monster’s disease.
  • Runner2 – A high-speed platformer that’s sort of like Sonic the Hedgehog, but looks very different.
  • Reus – Giant creates earth. Giant smashes earth.
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013 – Doctor, doctor, where does this spleen go?

In usual Humble Bundle fashion, the games will also come with separate downloads for their soundtracks. Lots of indie titles have great scores, and it’s no stranger listening to them for a bit of relaxing than it is to enjoy a great movie score. And if you’re stuck on Linux or Mac OS X, fret not. Every one of the games in the bundle has a Mac and Linux version available, although some will be limited to in-development beta versions right now.

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