You can have your update in any colour as long as it’s Black, Lumia Black that is. The latest update for Nokia Phones brings a host of new features to the Windows Phone 8 range of smartphones and underscores one of the major reasons that Microsoft are (more than likely) going to be buying the team from Espoo Finland.

The biggest new feature in the update is the ability to create folders for your icons on the home screen, making it easier to have Nokia’s massive array of photography apps on the screen without taking up all of the real estate. And speaking of photography, Nokia is also including its impressive Lytro-like ‘Refocus’ app in the update for any Lumia with 1GB of RAM or more. If you’ve never seen Refocus in action then play around the picture below by selecting different parts of it.

The full list of features included in the update are

  • App Folder – Finally, Windows Phone is catching up to the competition with the ability to better mange your home screen.
  • Nokia Glance screen 2.0 – Glance has been around on Nokia phones for a while but the update brings more use to the always on clock feature on the home screen by adding notification icons for up to five apps underneath it and some new colour options for night time.
  • Bluetooth LE – Bluetooth 4, also known as low energy (LE) Bluetooth, is the latest in connectivity for smartphone and tablet accessories that allows them to be constantly connected without destroying battery life.
  • Nokia Refocus – The rad Nokia Refocus App will be included in the update for all Lumia smartphones with 1GB of RAM or more.
  • Nokia Beamer – Again a feature for the 1GB of RAM and over crowd, Nokia Beamer lets you share your Lumia’s screen with any HTML5-enabled display by scanning a QR code on the screen.
  • Nokia Storyteller – One of the features announced at Nokia World in Dubai last year, Storyteller takes your geolocated photos and arranges them by time and location and then allows you to create a visual story of something like a road trip through the Garden Route.
  • Nokia Camera – Nokia is prolific at releasing different camera apps for Windows Phone, the downside being that it can get confusing as to which one has that cool feature you’re looking to use. Nokia Camera combines the Pro Camera and Smart Camera apps to simplify the madness. The new version of Nokia Camera  in Lumia Black also brings raw DNG support for Lumia 1020 owners.
  • Shiny new imaging algorithms – Nokia is promising that Lumia Black will improve the quality of photos taken with all Lumias but especially the Lumia 1020. According to them they have developed, among other things, “a new oversampling algorithm, making your images more natural looking with reduced noise, while ensuring your photos remain wonderfully sharp.”

The good new is that the owners of our two favourite Lumias, the 41-megapixel camera toting monster Lumia 1020 and the sleek and sexy Lumia 925 can get the update from today. No need to fret if you have one of the other models with Nokia promising that you will see the update in the next few weeks. While your Lumia phone does check for updates on a weekly basis and will pop you a notification to download the update you can always just go to the Phone Update screen under Settings to get it straight away.

Source: Nokia Conversation Blog