Way back when the site launched, we wrote a story on EA’s SimCity in which we bemoaned the state of the game. Something we didn’t mention at the time was its requirement to be connected to the internet in order to play, an issue that the SimCity community has been harping on more than it has over just about anything else ever since.

Yesterday we received a press release from our local EA representatives that said Maxis, SimCity’s developer is working on a patch that will enable the game to be played entirely offline. It won’t be available for a while yet, however, but it’s definitely in the works and will roll out with Patch 10. The news was also announced on the official SimCity blog, and you can read the entire post here.

This also means that modders – people within the gaming community who modify games on their own time – can tinker with SimCity and introduce all manner of changes that can be shared with other players without disrupting the online component of the game.

Now for some speculation: by enabling a full-on single-player SimCity experience, there is no longer any need to force players to build their cities on tiny plots of land. Before the offline patch, players only had tiny plots of land on which to build their cities, an artificial constraint that forced them to rely on other players’ cities to provide the services they were unable to build.

Now, with the upcoming offline mode, it makes no sense to keep plot sizes tiny, so we’re speculating players will finally be able to build those megacities that made SimCity 4 so much fun.



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