YouTube and Dreamworks team up for “greatest hits” daily show

There are three things the internet is good at: referring to itself, making YouTube videos about things, and inundating users with content.

Those last two are usually connected. Every day YouTube gets more than 144 000 hours of video uploaded – enough to inundate even the most ardent watcher of kitten videos. But thanks to a deal between the the web’s biggest video hosting site and one of the biggest movie studios in Hollywood, all those hours of content could soon be a bit more relevant to the average internet user.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive at Dreamworks Animation, saw that exact problem a year ago. Speaking to the LA Times, he said, “As a user, I felt the one thing that was very challenging is … there’s hundreds of hours of programming being uploaded every minute”.

“It’s inconsumable and unnavigable and, as a user, it was getting harder and harder for me to know what I should be watching.”


His solution? Fight fire with fire. Katzenberg wants to create another show, hosted on YouTube, that would highlight the best videos on the service. Sort of an “America’s Funniest Home Videos” for YouTube. Except instead of America it’s all of the internet, and instead of just funny home videos, it’ll be Russian dash camera footage, independent artists, clips of kittens, and all the other original content that gets hosted on the service.

It’ll be called YouTube Nation, and the daily show will be produced by Dreamworks Animation who, presumably, has people who’ll have the unenviable job of sifting through the hundred thousand hours of daily content. With more than 1-billion monthly visitors, though, the show will have a guaranteed audience and whoever hosts it will be an instant internet star.

Hang on to those job applications, though. Everything’s already been arranged, signed, sealed, and metaphorically delivered. YouTube Nation will be hosted by former Huffington Post Live contributor Jacob Soboroff. Its first airing will be today at 6pm US Pacific Time, so look forward to watching the first episode at 4am on Wednesday morning, here in South Africa. Then keep an eye on YouTube Nation for daily updates on the best of the internet.

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