Use Chrome? Then you’ll definitely want the newest version that’s gone live.

One of the new features is something that’ll be invaluable to anybody who’s ever trawled YouTube with fifty open tabs and had a video play automatically. Tracking down the offending, noisy tab is a nightmare. And now, Chrome helps with that.

Tabs that are playing video or audio will now have a little speaker icon on them, and those that are using your webcam will be decorated with a telltale red dot. This makes it easy to visually identify the tabs that are causing a racket.

Google also says that the new version is more secure, with safe browsing now notifying you when malicious files are downloaded or detected. Parental guidance – called Supervised Users – also forms part of the security and safety features. This lets users manage profiles for another user, keeping track of visited sites and restrictions for sites that should not be visited.


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