Over Christmas, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of unplanned days in the Kruger Park doing a bit of game spotting and trying not to dehydrate in heat. We saw a lot of elephant, most of which were a little bit on edge because it’s the season for musth. Basic rule is that if a jumpy elephant comes towards you flapping its ears and doing a bit of a dance, put down the tech and back away slowly. Otherwise it thinks you’re challenging it for supremacy.

Sadly, we found out after leaving the Park that one of the elephants near where we’d been staying had been put down after attacking a tourist’s car. Funny how no-one in the camp (Pretoriuskop) was talking about it, but it was all over the news wires when we got home. The incident was captured on camera, however, and someone’s uploaded it to YouTube.

It’s horrible that the couple in the car were injured, and rangers at the time said that this particular bull had acted aggressively before, but there are clear warnings and advice around what to do around elephants in the Park. I’d hope visitors to game parks would watch the vid above not in the sense of spectacle, but a warning that it’s not the Discovery channel you’re watching through the car window when you go to places like that.

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