No more Greenlight, user figures and more leak from Valve’s developer conference

Greenlight, the programme that allows Indie developers to get their games onto Steam, will be phased out in the coming months. That, and many other juicy bits of news leaked out of the Steam Developer Days conference currently underway in Seattle.

Here are some of the highlights from the conference’s first day, courtesy of Twitter.

The number of people using the Steam mobile app is “over 7 million”:

That’s a pretty good figure, but it pales in comparison to the overall number of Steam users, which now surpasses 75 million:


Valve has plans to support other currencies besides the US dollar in the Steam store. Spoiler alert: the South African Rand isn’t one of them.

That’s probably because our region doesn’t even feature in the breakdown of Steam sales per region:

Valve was very generous to attendees:

Goodbye, Greenlight:

We’ve already covered the other interesting news that emerged, that of the proposed changes to Valve’s Steam Controller design.

Lastly, some helpful person posted a roundup of everything Valve talked about on day one of the Steam Developer Days conference and posted it to imgur. Highlights include that Alienware’s Steam Machine will hit retail overseas in September 2014, gamers will be able to transfer money between Steam Wallets in 2014 and that talks from the event will eventually be made public.


This was only the first day of the conference; expect even more news to leak out of Seattle tomorrow.

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