Dead Rising 3, one of the Xbox One’s exclusive launch games, has just been patched in preparation for the game’s upcoming Downloadable Content packs (DLC). The problem is, that patch is a whopping 13GB in size. This is according to the Official Xbox Magazine website.

South Africa may not yet have the Xbox One, but we will eventually, and once it’s here our local internet situation is going to play a huge part in whether or not local gamers adopt the console. Although our data caps have been extended in recent months and uncapped data has become an affordable option, particularly with fixed-line ADSL access, a lot of South Africans rely on mobile connections to access the internet. These remain the more pricy option for downloading more than just a few gigs a month.

To illustrate that point, consider an entry-level 2mbit uncapped ADSL line. For the telephone line itself, ADSL access and an uncapped data package that lets you download hundreds of gigs each month, you’re looking at R158 for the line and R349 for the rest from Cybersmart for a total of R507 for 2mbps uncapped internet to your home. A mobile deal from Afrihost that goes for a similar price (10GB + 10GB for R497, R99 per gig top-up thereafter) nets you 20GB of data at the speed of whatever device you’re using to access the ‘net. While these seem favourably comparable at first glance, should your data usage increase beyond that 20GB mark – as it might with regular Xbox One patches of this magnitude – 20GB just won’t be enough.

The reason for the massive size is somewhat of a puzzle – apparently the patch contains content for all four planned DLC releases, which is a bit silly as only the first of them – Operation Broken Eagle – releases today. It would make more sense to break the huge update down and only deliver the content needed for each DLC pack in separate updates. We’ve reached out to Capcom Vancouver via Twitter for some insight into their thinking.

There is no co-op play in Operation Broken Eagle, and neither will there be in any of the other three planned DLCs, as they focus on telling a purely single-player story, according to Executive Producer Josh Bridge.

To find out more about the update directly from Bridge, check out this long and detailed conversation he had recently with Xbox Wire about the game and its upcoming DLCs.

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