Whisper is a site (and mobile app) that encourages people to share their secrets. Anonymously, of course. If you trawl through the site’s archives, you can find everything from the most inspiring inner monologues to the saddest, most depressing confessions running the gamut from “I’m fat and nobody loves me” to “I’m being bullied and want to kill myself”.

You’ll need to search quite hard, though, as of late the site has turned into more of a hookup/look at me/who-wants-to-join-my-game hangout┬áby people who just don’t know what sharing secrets means, but when you find the good stuff, it’s gold.

Like this post:


Spelling aside, what a girl! If anything will make a breakup go over better, it’s Call of Duty: if you hate it, you’ll know she never really knew you anyway, and if you love it, hey, new game and plenty of time to play!

Kotaku has a bunch of other game-related Whispers over here (including this one) that provide a unique perspective on gaming from a female standpoint.

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