South Africa’s own Thoopid, a mobile game developer based in Cape Town, has just announced that their popular iOS game, Snailboy, is available for Android.

The super-successful South African-developed platformer initially came out on iOS, with an Android port promised to be “coming soon”; this is that port. While that’s good news, there’s a caveat: you can only buy the game through Samsung Apps, a digital storefront that can only be accessed by Samsung phones and tablets.

Fortunately, that’s not going to be the case forever. We asked Thoopid about the exclusivity, and they told us that it has come about as a result of an initiative called 100% Indie that is run by Chillingo and Samsung Apps. Chillingo is a division of Electronic Arts dedicated to helping independent developers get their games published and monetised, and Thoopid says 100% Indie “provides a higher percentage of the revenue generated by the game to the developers over a period of time”, while also helping with the promotion and marketing of games.

They also told us that unfortunately they can’t take Snailboy straight to the Google Play Store once the exclusivity period is over “due to difficulties with South Africa and Google Wallet issues”, but that the game will make its way onto “another Android App store”. Thoopid didn’t provide confirmation on how long that period will be, however.

Update: We’ve just heard from Thoopid that the exclusivity period is “two weeks possibly a month, but no longer than a month”.

If you haven’t yet heard anything about Snailboy, check out the cool gameplay video below. And yes, those graphics are in-game. Impressive, right? And it’s all yours for just twenty bucks.

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