Digital currency Bitcoin has joined the ranks of other, more traditional, payment methods as accepted tender for two hotels in Las Vegas. The Golden Gate and The D hotels will accept Bitcoins to pay for all of the amenities associated with staying at the hotel including paying for the room itself as well as meals, room service and even gifts from the souvenir shop.

As is expected with hotels in Las Vegas the hotels have accompanying casinos and while the hotel is happy to accept Bitcoin as legal tender guests will be unable to use them to gamble with. When asked whether Bitcoin could become legal tender in casinos the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, who control every facet of gambling in Sin City, said “We would have to have an extremely high level of comfort with virtual currency of this kind in order for that to ever occur,”.

Bitcoin is no longer reserved as a topic of conversation for the nerd and geek fraternity after it managed to garner more coverage in the mainstream news. American venture capitalist Marc Andreessen wrote a piece for The New York Times entitled “Why Bitcoin Matters” in which he suggests that the impact of Bitcoin in 2014 will be as profound as “Personal computers in 1975, (and) the Internet in 1993”.

Bicoin has recently come off of the radical highs of over $1 200 last year to a current level around $950 per coin. The reason for the lower price has been resistance from major countries to allow Bitcoin to be used with China having  banned third-party payment services from clearing transactions on behalf of Bitcoin exchanges and a Canadian government official declaring that “Bitcoin digital ‘currency’ is not legal tender in Canada,”.

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