Google Glass etiquette is not only a way to ensure that you don’t land up being called a ‘Glasshole‘ it may also be necessary to stop you getting arrested when you’re out at the movies.

While out at the movies with his wife at a cinema in Columbus, Ohio a man was reported to the Department of Homeland Security for suspected copyright infringement. He was unceremoniously hauled off and repeatedly questioned for around an hour after “have (having) been caught illegally taping the movie”. The only thing that he did to garner the attention was to wear his pair of Google Glass which he had done on two previous occasions at the same cinema without incident.

In an email to the man, who has remained anonymous describes the events of the evening which point out how law enforcement, even in the US, have no concept of how Google Glass functions. Even though he had turned off the device to avoid the distraction of incoming notifications the reason that he was still wearing them was because he had fitted a set of prescription lenses on the frame. Admittedly the man should probably not have been wearing Google Glass to a movie where it could be misconstrued as an attempt to film the movie. 

Film piracy has recently been catapulted into the news spotlight in South Africa with the first arrest having been made for uploading a film onto torrent site The Pirate Bay late last year. With Google aiming to make Glass a commercially available product in 2014 potential buyers should start to become aware of where they will and won’t be able to take their new toy.

Image: Shutterstock

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