Much of what I’ve seen of The Elder Scrolls Online so far has me a bit conflicted: it’s always made me think of a generic MMO rather than a game that deserves a space alongside some of the greatest single-player games I’ve ever played, but at the same time I’ve seen elements of the games I know in there which have helped me foster a small ember of hope that it might actually be really good once it comes out.

This video of three of the game’s developers, “Sage”, “Konkle” and “Crenshaw” shows them fighting boss monsters, travelling to already-discovered locations using the game’s fast-travel system and throwing down with a bunch of evil dudes in the middle of a nefarious ritual, and the action actually looks somewhat Elder Scrollsey.

There’s even decent bow-play, completely with the one-shot stealth kill that I loved so much in Skyrim (presumably only unlocked after much levelling). As a result, combat in TES Online appears to be less like the boring yawn-fest of some MMOs I’ve played that have just had me selecting the enemy, clicking on my attack icon and watching a generic battle play out, so that’s something in its favour.

If you’re in any way sceptical about The Elder Scrolls Online, watch the video and see if it convinces you of the game’s worthiness of the name. Me, I’m not all the way there yet, I’m still reserving judgement until the game is out, but at the very least I’m starting to be hopeful that it might actually turn out to be a half-decent MMO worthy of The Elder Scrolls name.

The Elder Scrolls Online is slated for release in “Spring 2014”, which is our autumn and that’s right around the corner.

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