One of the rarest video games ever made, the Nintendo World Championship for NES, has sold for nearly $100 000 (R1.1 million) on auction site ebay. The game was created for the Nintendo World Championships, a Nintendo-promoted game competition in 1990 and was given out to the finalists as a prize.

Only 116 cartridges were ever made, 90 of which are grey in colour and numbered for authenticity, and were given out to the championship finalists afterwards. The remaining 26 cartridges are gold in colour and were given out as prizes in a separate contest held by Nintendo Power magazine.

The grey cartridge was listed as being in acceptable condition, with the label having been torn off. The condition of the game did not seem to dissuade bidders from driving the game to its monumental price. Since the success of the first cartridge another grey one with its label still in tact has been listed on ebay and is currently sitting at $7 350 (around R80 000) with just over six days to go until the bidding closes.

One of the 26 gold cartridges has also found its way onto ebay and is hovering at over $33 000 (R350 000) with 8 days to go. The good news for any aspiring game collector in SA is that the seller will ship internationally should you manage to make the winning bid.

If the thought of wildly valuable retro video games is exciting to you, then you might want to scour through Racketboy’s guide to rare video games for some more information on whether you have a few thousand rand lying in a box at home.

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