Like the ending for an M. Knight Shyamalan, nobody would¬†ever have predicted that the late Amy Winehouse’s 2006 single, Rehab, would be used in a parody video, as an anti-SANRAL anthem.

Well, it’s more a case of the tune for Winehouse’s hit being the inspiration for this clever little YouTube production. Instead of quoting the original song’s lyrics, the creator has written their own, pretty much depicting the way everybody feels about the tolling debacle. Which is, not every positive. But don’t worry, the song’s words have plenty of not positive in them, and a few laughs.

Rather than quoting them here, you can watch the video below. Thankfully, it’s a sing-along production: the lyrics pop up on screen, so you can memorise them all. By home-time today you’ll be stuck in back-road traffic, avoiding e-Tolls, and singing this along with all of Gauteng’s other motorists.

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