Looking for a fun way to get rid of your Friday frustrations? Well, load up your phone or tablet’s app market, and grab Bullfrog’s classic Dungeon Keeper, the game that was based around making it fun to be evil.

EA’s released the 90s classic for free, for Apple and Android devices. where you get to be the controller of minions, in this fantasy re-imagining of Sim City for Beelzebubs-in-the-making. As the name implies, this god game, with some RTS elements, lets players build an underground dungeon, which comes with its own challenges.

Aside from constructing special rooms in your dungeons, you have to manage minions and imps – since they’re the ones doing the dirty work. Then, there are heroes that invade the dungeons and want all the good stuff at the heart of the dungeon. Basically, it turns regular old D&D on its head, letting you be the guy who makes life hard for goodie-two-shoe explorers.

Of course, the “free” bit does come with a caveat: EA’s made loads of money with games that have micro-transactions, and Dungeon Keeper is no different. It’s possible to grind through the levels as per normal, but if you want to speed up progress you can spend real world money on in-game gems. These are the currency for the game, letting you upgrade your minions, troops, and other evil inventions.


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