Clearly, people love Skyrim, Bethesda’s open-world RPG. The game has sold over 20 million copies, as announced by the company in an official press release that went out recently. While no mention was made of the make-up of the sales figures in the release, it’s likely made up of both digital and physical sales. We’ve reached out to Bethesda’s local representatives for confirmation.

Skyrim has remained in Steam’s Best Seller list since it went on sale back in 2011, largely thanks to the huge modding community that has made thousands upon thousands of tweaks and changes to the game ranging from adding new weapons to completely new areas, quests and storylines. There are even complete graphical overhauls that improve the game’s visuals by tweaking everything from textures to water effects to create an even more breath-taking virtual world.


With such an active, engaged community and a core game that’s pretty good even without tweaks and changes, it should come as no surprise that Skyrim has done pretty well.

If you have not yet played Skyrim, it’s available on Steam for just $29.99, with the Legendary Edition that includes all of its DLC as well going for an extra $30. I’d tell you what that is in rands, but by the time you read this I’ll probably be wrong.

Image credit: Skyrim Nexus – Get the Better Dynamic Snow mod here.

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