SwiftKey coming to iOS, sort of

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One of the most popular keyboard replacements for Android, SwiftKey, might find its way into iOS in the near future. In a leaked image from serial leak-artist @evleaks, an app he calls ‘SwitKey Note’ is seen running on an iPhone 5s with a distinctly SwiftKey style recommendation bar above the keybaord.

iOS, unlike Android, doesn’t allow for its standard keyboard to be replaced, however it does allow individual apps to use a keyboard other than the standard iOS keyboard. Developers have to include the alternate keyboard as part of the app itself where it can then be used but only in the confines of the app.

Apple’s default keyboard has a reputation for getting its users in trouble, in fact the website ‘Damn You Autocorrect‘ started as a testament to some people’s desire to swap out the iPhone’s de facto text entry option.


David Greenway

David Greenway

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