This webcam tool lets you look like Chuck Norris, Barack Obama, or the Mona Lisa

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One of the great things about the Chrome web browser is its open-ended nature and the willingness of developers to experiment with what Google has baked into the software.

Now, one GitHub user has created one of the strangest web apps, yet. Face Substitution will take your face, recognise the outline and individual elements, and then overlay a selection of famous people’s smug mugs. The idea is nothing new. There are hundreds of applications that’ll use your webcam to overlay all manner of animated elements, but this is the first that’ll take a known person’s face and superimpose it onto yours.

Sadly, the app is limited to letting you gawp at the creepy lookalikes in your browser. There’s no way to use it for trying to fool your Google+ friends into thinking they’re chatting to an eerily-lifelike Nicholas Cage. That said, there’s nothing stopping an intrepid programmer form from forking the project on GitHub, and creating a Chatroulette with celebrity faces.



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