Those with a Pebble, the successful e-ink smartwatch that set new Kickstarter records, will get access to a dedicated app store for the device, today.

The Pebble companion app for iOS and Android will both receive updates this week, but the iOS version will land today. Most notable of all the changes is the inclusion of an app store inside the app. Until now, users have had to do the old school thing of sifting through third-party sites and amateur repositories to get access to apps for the watch.

With an app store in the companion software, running on a smartphone, it’ll now be possible to get all the customisations for your watch and upload them, via Bluetooth. This makes it far easier to manage the applications for the phone, and makes it possible to change things on the fly. The Pebble only has room for eight apps, so if you went out and left your computer at home you’d be stuck with whatever you’d loaded.

2014 started off with a bang for the team behind Pebble. At CES in January they announced a shiny, business-class version of the watch, a year after the plastic device went into production. While people were enthusiastic about a programmable smartwatch, the more fashion-conscious geeks among us expressed reservation about a plastic gadget. Now, with the app store, it’s going to be a friendlier product for the average consumer to get into.

And, if this finally tips the scales in terms of being an interesting proposition, you can pick up a Pebble from some of the local importers, including the Orange store, Have2Have, and WantItAll. Alternatively, you can order it directly from Pebble – who ships worldwide, for free – and wait a while for it to clear through customs.

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