It’s Facebook’s 10th birthday today, and to make its users realise how much of an impact its had on their lives, Zuckerberg and Co and done something really cool.

By visiting Facebook Lookback, users can get a highlight reel of their time on Facebook. The little video, replete with an emotive piano soundtrack, highlights the first moments after joining, popular posts, noteworthy events, and a few random photos. The short trip down memory lane is a great reminder of exactly how much time we’ve spent on Facebook, and how – in just 10 years – it’s become an integral part of line for many people.

According to The Verge, the clips have all been rendered by idle resources on Facebook’s massive server farms. Another team, in charge of storage, also made sure that there’s room for the hundreds of millions of video clips that’ll be generated by the system. These are a little different to the annual Year in Review pages Facebook creates for its users, after all, since those just use web elements and not video.

Mark Zuckerberg himself is also feeling all nostalgic. The ten years that have shaped his life, and the world, are recounted over on his personal page where he posted a thank-you note for all who’ve helped make the social network what it is, today.

Just a note: not everybody might have a video for their profile just yet. One member of the team got an error when visiting the Look Back page, while the rest were able to get a video to play. It’s likely related to the age of accounts – those of us who got their videos all registered in 2007, while the problem account was registered in 2009. Keep checking back throughout the day, as Facebook’s servers get around to creating video clips for all one billion of its users.

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