21 years after its initial launch, Jetpack is getting a sequel. It was an early-90s platformer that had players guiding a jetpack-clad character through levels packed with obstacles, and a built-in level editor that people could use to make their own levels.

According to Jetpack’s developer, Adept SoftwareChaostorm, “The built-in level editor is one of the most popular features – over 1000 levels have been created. Some teachers bought Jetpack because they considered the editor to be educational, encouraging their students’ creativity.”

The new game, simply titled Jetpack 2, offers a very similar mechanic but with a real-time physics engine governing the movement of the jetpack-clad main character. The levels look to be just as fiendishly difficult as those of the original, with tons of puzzles and secrets to keep old-school platformers happy.

The graphics have been somewhat modernised, but it still retains a similar look and feel of the original, plus if the trailer is anything to go by the developers are sticking with an 8-bit soundtrack which old-school gamers are sure to appreciate. I know I like it.

Best of all, the sequel also has an easy-to-use level editor, which should extend the game’s longevity by giving gamers the tools to unleash their imaginations.

Jetpack 2 is currently on Steam’s Greenlight programme, which asks gamers to vote for games they’d like to see on Steam. If you like what you see in the recently-released trailer, head on over there and tell Valve you’d be interested in buying the game.

Lastly, the original game is now freely available for download from the old Adept Software website (the company has since been renamed to Chaostorm but the old site is still around), so if you missed out back in the early 90s, you can find out what the fuss was about while the sequel is developed.

Jetpack 2 is slated for a Q2 2014 release, so expect it any time from April onwards.

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