There’s a new trend in gaming: developers are making simulators of the weirdest things possible. A German company is busy pumping out everything from Street Sweeping Simulator to Car Mechanic Simulator, and last year a tongue-in-cheek game about performing surgery in a moving ambulance hit Steam, to much acclaim and popularity.

Now, things are getting even stranger: a Goat Simulator has been spotted in the wild. It’s not an official game at the moment, rather a tech demo put together by the studio behind the Sanctum series of games (Coffee Stain Studios). Nonetheless, it’s a computer simulation where players get to control a goat. And it’s hilarious. And it’s made using the Unreal 3 Engine. It even has a brutal bucket headshot, and the goat protagonist climbing ladders.

As fun as Goat Simulator looks, there are no plans to make the demo into a full game according to the developers, but there’s no doubt it’s getting a fair bit of attention. Gamespot put out a video on why Goat Simulator must happen and why dumb is good, the Goat Simulator videos have been watched over a million times, and people just seem to love the idea. Danny O’ Dwyer, one of Gamespot’s personalities/reviewers/video stars, tweeted his overwhelming desire for the game:

I know I felt like a kid again while watching these videos. I hope you will too. I also hope Coffee Stain Studios runs with all the attention they’re getting and actually makes a full “goat simulator” game. It’d be even better if they call it Goat-Z, or Goats in the Machine. I’d totally buy that off Steam for $9.99.