Local money management app, 22seven has just released an Android app to go along with the iOS app already in its stable. 22seven is essentially a service that takes all of your financial data at any of the major local banking institutions and helps you make sense of what’s happening with your money by representing it in an easy to understand way. The service, which originally launched at a R70/month fee, saw a drop in its subscription price to R25 a month last year which can be paid via credit card, debit order or even as an inn-app purchase from the iOS app.

The Android app was built from the ground up by 22seven according to one of its partners, Simon Dingle. The development team was completely separate to the iOS development team and worked closely together with Google, who even sent some people across to the 22seven offices to help ensure that the app adhered as closely as possibles to the Android’s principles.

22seven, which is based in Cape town,  launched in 2012 much to the consternation of the local banks, who pushed back initially but have since capitulated into giving access to users’ data. It was acquired last year by the Old Mutual group which, according to the 22seven website, allowed them to have the security of living inside of a big corporate entity while still maintaining their independence.

22seven’s Android app is available in the Google Play store and will work on smartphones and tablets, both 7-inch and 10-inch according to 22seven, running Android 4.0 or above. For those with Apple devices in their lives the app is still available for in the iTunes app store for download.

Image: 22seven

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