Microsoft’s update for Windows 8.1, simply titled Update 1, is now likely to arrive a month later than initially planned.

ZDNet reports that sources have said the update was originally slated to hit Windows Update some time in March, but now that’s been shifted to April – more specifically, April 8, the same day that¬†Windows XP support ceases. Microsoft’s tradition of rolling out updates on Tuesdays (Patch Tuesday) will continue with this update, though it’s unclear why there’s now a delay.

What we can confirm, though, is that some of Microsoft’s local OEM partners have had no clear communication or indication about when the patch will be available. This is noteworthy simply because OEMs traditionally have the inside track on what Microsoft is doing, software-wise. This is needed because companies tend to want to put the latest software on their PCs before shipping them to retail. There could be major delays at Redmond if this is the case. However, with Bill Gates back, and new CEO Satya Nadella now in charge of things, it’s unlikely Microsoft will rush out the update just to meet an arbitrary deadline. A delay could be a good thing – but OEM partners being kept in the dark is not a great sign.

At the end of January details about the update leaked. The company said it has taken user feedback as well as usage statistics from Windows 8.1 to refine the experience for everybody. The touch-optimised interface, with a start screen and tiles, that originally appeared in Windows 8 has now slowly evolved back to its desktop roots. A leaked version of the new-and-improved Windows 8.1 showed more accessible buttons for shutting down and rebooting, and the option to boot to desktop has now been made the default.

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