We were out and about yesterday at the launch of Acer’s latest #TouchMore campaign and got to spend some time getting up close and personal with the latest Windows 8 touch screen notebook and tablets from the PC manufacturer.

Easily the pick of the notebooks on display was Acer’s Aspire S7 Ultrabook. It’s the 13-inch, touch-enabled, display of the Aspire S7 that makes the greatest impact with a 2560X1440 resolution that puts it right into contention with the best displays available today. The latest version of the Aspire S7, which is already available in SA, also features the latest generation Intel Haswell processors which guarantee fantastic battery life from a notebook that weighs in at only 1.3kg. As with other high end Ultrabooks the Aspire S7 uses flash based solid state drives to ensure rapid start up times as well as almost instant sleep/wake.

The most interesting looking product of the day has to go to the Aspire R7 convertible notebook. The R7 converts from a notebook into an easel style tablet with a unique hinge design that was best described as looking like the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. It also features an all flash architecture under the hood along with Haswell CPUs which should help it compete at the top end of the notebook spectrum. We’re not so sure about the trackpad which lives behind the keyboard instead of the traditional placement we’ve become accustomed to over the years.

Aspire R7

From our first glance it seems that Acer has some decent kit available at the moment, but we’ll wait until our review units arrive in the next few weeks before we deliver our full opinion to you.

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