This year’s million dollar Call of Duty Championship will feature at least one South African team, thanks to a local qualifier being held on the 22nd of February.

It’s is an Xbox-only online event where up to 512 teams compete in elimination matches. The winning team will qualify for the Call of Duty Championships taking place in Los Angeles between the 26th and 28th of March, 2014. According to Devon Stanton from Megarom, Activision will sponsor the winning team’s trip.

If you have three friends and you’re good at 4 vs. 4 Call of Duty, head over to the website and sign your team up. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourselves in Los Angeles at the end of March. Just be sure to sign up before the 16th of February (this coming Sunday), else you’ll be left out.

On the line is your share of a million dollars, which is the prize pool for the tournament. So even if you don’t win, you and your team stand a chance to win some pretty good loot just by being there.

Megarom is also asking local CoD players to help put together a “sizzle” video showcasing South African talent. If you and your mates regularly record your games, and you want to see scenes from your matches put in a music video to some really cool music, you have to fill out a form for Megarom and let them add you to their Dropbox folder.

Once you’ve been added and your video has been recorded (and it’s not bigger than 150mb), you just have to upload it. Megarom has apparently teamed up with Zane Whitfield, the talent behind the amazing Call of Duty video you see below, and he’ll be using the best uploaded footage to make an all-new “look at how amazing SA CoD players are” type video to show the world.

So what are you waiting for?

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