While we patiently await the delivery of a shiny new Pebble Steel (that’s actually a lie, I’m the most impatient I have ever been for a product) we had a chance to look over the Pebble app store for iOS and wonder where its Android counterpart is hiding. The Android app store, which is currently available in beta form to developers, has lagged behind the iOS store which launched in the first week of February.

Low and behold a blog post from Kean Wong, the software engineering group leader at Pebble with some answers. According to Kean, the delay has come down to two major glitches: a small development team trying to get the store ready in time as well as the fact that Android is a mess of differing versions of software and hardware configurations that all need to be taken into account.

While we are in the unique situation of having multiple smartphones at any time to use with the Pebble, we’re in the same boat as any other Android smartphone owning Pebble user. Hopefully the Pebble app store for Android will go live on the same day as the Pebble Steel arrives at htxt.africa HQ.