Those Xbox 360 gamers who still have MSPoints in their online accounts will have their virtual currency converted to real money, on the 1st of March.

Last year Microsoft issued an Xbox Live update that finally did away with the proprietary currency that gamers used to buy content on Xbox Live, and instead switched to a more universal alternative: real world currencies. Gamers in the US would pay in dollars, gamers in Europe would see Euro prices, and local gamers would see their beloved rands fly out of their credit cards when they bought games and content online.

At the time of the update gamers who had MSPoints in their accounts were only prompted to convert them to real currency once they attempted to purchase content on Xbox Live. However, presumably now that the rush is over, Microsoft will now automatically do the currency conversion on the 1st of March. 400 MSPoints will get you the rand equivalent of $5, 800 MSPoints gets you the equivalent of $10, and so on. With the terrible rand/dollar exchange rate, at the moment, you might even score a little.



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