HTC’s North American PR team braved a Reddit “Ask Me Almost Anything” (AMA) session last night to speak directly to fans of the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer. And there is good news for HTC One X owners, but only if you live in North America. During the session on Reddit the HTC crew said that the company was “now actively exploring how we can make the jump to 4.4” on the HTC One X but confirmed that it was only for the US version of the smartphone.

Word of the One X’s fall from the upgrade schedule isn’t new, in fact last month HTC’s Twitter account stated that it would miss out on Android 4.4 in a tweet followed by a press release. It’s a story that, unfortunately, is all to familiar to HTC One S owners who were told in July last year that they would be dropped from the upgrade schedule as well.

@davidjorourke Hi. We can confirm that the One X+ will not receive further Android updates & will remain on the current version of Android.

The One S was just 14 months old when HTC canned their upgrades even though HTC is one of the manufacturers who promised software upgrade support for their phones for a minimum of 18 months back in 2011. Worse still, in the Reddit AMA, HTC wrote that all future phones would get two years of support which doesn’t help owners of the One X which is just shy of its two-year birthday in May.

The problem, according to HTC, is the Nvidia Tegra processor used in the international (South African) version of the One X which Nvidia is refusing to support for Android 4.4 making the only version of the phone that could possibly be upgraded the Qualcomm powered US version.

While it’s not HTC’s fault that the One X won’t be getting an upgrade, it’s their brand and not Nvidia’s that will take the hit. But hey, at least they have an infographic that explains why you don’t get Android upgrades and that makes it all okay.


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