The year was 1985 and in Back to the Future Part II movie, Marty McFly time travelled to the year 2015 where he rocked a pair of Nike hi-top sneakers that could tie themselves. Back then, it was just a futuristic idea, but Nike has announced that it will be a reality.

Nike designer,┬áTinker Hatfield, confirmed that the ‘Power Laces’ that automatically tightened when worn will be debuting next year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future Part II.

This should come as good news to fans who were excited about the 2011 release of the limited edition MAG hi-tops but were disappointed that they didn’t come with the Power Laces.

Hatfield didn’t reveal how many pairs would be made available and whether they will be released with a new set of sneakers or the 2011 MAG.

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[Image: Wikia]