There are tons of social networking sites out there, each with its own unique features, but there’s none quite like Hula, the social network that lets users find an STD centre, get their results online and share them on their dating profiles or other social media sites.

According to the founder of Hula, Ramin Bastani, the whole idea behind Hula is promote STD testing and sexual health, as well as to break stigmas around them.

Users start by locating a testing center near them, afterwards, they can sign up for a Hula account with their personal information and information about where they were tested.sample-profile

The user’s health provider then transmits their personal health records into their Hula

Sharing the results is totally up to the user and all records are kept securely in their account. Awkward or innovative? We’ll let you decide.

[Source: psfk] [Images: Hula]