A second annual LAN event has appeared on my radar called Inferno LAN, a Durban-based event that will be held at the International Convention Centre between the 11th and 13th of July.

The organisers boldly claim on the Inferno LAN website that it’s “set to be South Africa’s largest gaming LAN”, although interestingly, there is only space for 2 000 gamers, which is the same amount of seats offered by rAge. The site is currently soliciting hardware, software, gaming and digital vendors for the show as well so it looks like it will be a gaming expo very much like rAge

Where Inferno LAN promises to be different is with the two activities it has lined up that will take place outside the ICC at the same time as the LAN. There will be a robot battle arena that will pit actual robots against each other a la the old Robot Wars TV show, and a paintball area that offers teams the chance to shoot each other with balls of paint.

Gamers will have the chance to see if their Call of Duty skills translate into real-world paintball kills, and according to the website they are welcome to bring their own paintball guns or rent one on the day (ammo will be available for purchase).

The robot battle event is called Infernobots, and it’s open to anyone who has built their own robot, including teams from schools and universities as well as individuals. There will be obstacle courses for the robots to beat, as well as the actual battles that will weed the Elektros from the Asimos (with any luck).

Tickets will be on sale “soon”, but when they do go on sale you will be able to pick up a LAN ticket for R350, which is R50 less than a ticket for rAge’s LAN. Keep an eye on the official Inferno LAN website or follow the organisers on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to be kept abreast of all event-related developments.

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