A few weeks back I was given access to the new Thief game, for a preview, and loved every minute of the first two missions on offer. The game is focused more on stealth than action, and I liked that because thinking my way through games is so much better than running and gunning.

This new trailer, released on the eve of its international release (tomorrow, the 25th of Feb), seems to hint at a lot more action sequences than seen in the preview. As a big fan of sneak-’em-ups, I’m not sure how I feel about it, but in fairness it makes sense that thieves in general would occasionally feel the┬áneed to GTFO in a hurry. Also, not everyone plays games in the same way, so naturally there must be room for interpretation.

No matter, though: the game still looks mighty good indeed, and this new trailer only builds more anticipation for Friday’s South African release.

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