Worried that the coverage of runner Oscar Pistorius’ up-and-coming trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, might be a little one-sided in its bias? The Blade Runners’ PR team is on a mission to put that right: its launched a new Twitter account this morning called ‘Factual Updates @OscarHardTruth’, aimed at redressing the balance of opinion on social media.

According to the official Pistorius account, this is the one to follow for both truth and impressive use of first letter capitalisation.

Apparently the account will be managed by Pistorius’ media manager, Annelise Burgess. Right now, however, activity appears to be limited to cherry picking headlines which suggest the accused’s innocence, such as this one which was discovered in New Zealand.

Given the truly incredible amount of speculation and pre-trial comment about events, witnesses and evidence that’s been going on over the last 12 months it’s understandable that the media team area worried that Pistorius may not get a fair hearing on social media, even if he manages to get one in the courtroom. It could, however, set a dangerous precedent even by South Africa’s unusually liberal sub judice laws, which many think may come under review as a result of tomorrow’s expected ruling regarding cameras in the courtroom.

Fittingly we turn to Twitter for the most fitting comment on the account so far: @bev_0341 points out that the whole point of going through the court process is to establish the truth of what happened last Valentine’s night – it’s not something that’s going to be revealed through Twitter. Or Facebook. Or 24/7 TV. Or endless newspaper column inches. Or…

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