The Xbox One will cost £30 less in the UK come February 28, dropping its price to just £399.99, according to a report on IGN. From March 11 onwards, British gamers will also be able to get their hands on a Titanfall bundle for that price for a limited time, effectively chopping another £40 off the Xbox One’s total cost.

We loved what we saw of Titanfall during the beta test we took part in last week, plus the buzz around the game since its announcement last year has shown that gamers are very keen on the game. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Microsoft, whose marketing people are apparently taking full advantage of Titanfall’s hot anticipation with this new Xbox One bundle. One could cynically argue that it’s a slightly desperate attempt to boost Xbox One sales, as well.

Even though the Xbox One has sold well when compared to previous consoles, it’s fair to say that Sony is winning this console war in terms of overall and even regional sales. The price cut from Microsoft, at least in the UK, may well be to prevent the gulf that exists between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales from widening.

There is no word yet on a price cut for the US; for now, this is a UK-only initiative. It’s not unreasonable, though, to expect something similar to happen in the US in the next few months.

None of this is particularly relevant to South African gamers just yet, but it does provide an indication of how much we might one day be asked to pay for the Xbox One when it finally arrives here. At R18 to the pound, even that lower £399.99 means a cost for us of around R7,200 without factoring in import duties, but that’s at least better than a base price of R7,740.

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