Mariam Diaby, Julie Owono and Lalatiana Rahariniaina are three females with one thing in common- they’re all African women in tech with many other successes under their belts.

Daby is a tech entrepreneur from the Ivory Coast, Owono is a lawyer at the Paris Bar in Cameroon who regularly contributes to various online publications and Rahariniaina is an avid blogger from Madagascar.

Global Voices Online interviewed these three to get their insights on the tech and new media industry in Africa and what the environment is like, particularly for women in tech on the continent.

“I think African women have known how to find a place for themselves in recent years. Women like Marieme Jamme represent the face of the ‘Technology African Woman’. There is no difference between women and men, what’s important is their skills, and on that point there’s no more to be said. For me, those women deserve a lot of credit,” says Daby.

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