Fans of 2011’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution upset that Deus Ex: The Fall only came out for mobiles will be happy to know that it will be coming to PC in March via Steam.

The story has that typical Deux Ex flavour: you’re an augmented soldier trying to uncover the truth about the drugs that keep you alive, and battling the corporations that control it, your former employers and various other people who get in your way.

There promises to be the usual helping of conspiracy theories, extra augmentations and different paths to your objectives, but this time without clunky touchscreen controls and graphical limitations of mobile platforms. Sounds good to me.

The Fall initially came out on iOS, and was ported across to Android earlier this year. For its journey to PC, its AI has been adjusted, keyboard and mouse controls have been added and there are 28 Steam achievements to unlock and Steam Trading Cards to earn.

This latest Deus Ex game will be available for just $9.99 from March 25. Ordering the game will get you a copy of the original Deus Ex to play, or the ability to gift it to a friend if you already have it. And for just over a hundred South African rand, that’s not a bad deal at all.

To place your pre-order while the rand is still less than R11/$, go here.

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