A few weeks ago WebAfrica slashed its capped bandwidth prices by around 50%, giving customers more megabyte for their minibucks. Now the second salvo in the price war has been fired, by competitor Axxess.

While not as aggressive as WebAfrica, the new capped pricing from Axxess is very much a win for its customers. Prices dip as low as R2.90 per GB, which  is not as impressive as the R1.50 per GB offered by WebAfrica – but still important enough that other ISPs should take note. The Axxess packages start at R19 for 3GB, R38 for 6GB, and R46 for 10GB, then scale all the way to heavy-duty packages like 300GB, 500GB, and 1000GB, which go for R999, R1 599, and R2 899, respectively.

These prices are a massive improvement on the previous ones, which all packages from 1GB to 15GB being priced at R19 per GB. The fact that there’s not even a 1GB package with the new pricing shows just how cheap bandwidth has become. And it was just a few years ago that 1GB of bandwidth would set you back around R70.

And let’s not forget, this is capped bandwidth: some of the best you can buy. Since you are paying for what you’ll use, ISPs have no draconian shaping and throttling policies, which means you’re getting the full speed of your line, and things like Netflix and games will perform best. Meanwhile, uncapped accounts allow users to affordably transfer large amounts of data each month, but the quality of the bandwidth is poorer.

To compare the new Axxess deals to other offerings, look at our Best Broadband flowchart, published a while ago. The Axxess packages aren’t on there – yet – but if you’re in the market for a proper, wired internet connection, you can see how they stack up.

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