Stephen Wolfram, the British scientist who’s behind Mathematica and the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge search engine, this week unveiled his latest creation: Wolfram Language.

As Stephen demonstrates in a 12-minute video on YouTube, Wolfram Language is not only incredibly powerful, with the ability to tap into our modern, connected world, it is also quite intuitive and simple. He says that using Wolfram Language it is possible to write versatile applications with a single line of code, while at the same time also writing thousands or millions of lines of code to make far more complex creations.

His demonstration show how simple commands can immediately be used to yield data and understandable results. One line of code can trawl a website and pull together a list of all links on that website. The results of that line of code can then be taken and manipulated. It can be used to draw a graphic that visually represents the relationships those links have to the main website, or to one another.

In another demo he pulls data from Facebook and shows how a friend list on the social network can be visually represented to depict groups of friends, and how different friends have connections among one another, outside of the main profile.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Wolfram Language, at least in these demos, is how quickly it yields usable results, and then again how easy it is to manipulate the data. Stephen Wolfram says it’s beginner-friendly, so with a bit of reading and some patience even dedicated novices can quickly get a handle on what the platform is capable of and star churning out applications.

Curious? There’s a video below, and a whole weekend to get to grips with Wolfram Language.


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