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Battlefield 4 PC patch lands today that fixes bugs and improves performance

If you haven’t been playing Battlefield 4 because of a few too many bugs, it’s time to fire up your copy again – yesterday EA released a patch for the PC version of the game that aims to address many of its most glaring issues.

One of the most annoying problems EA says the patch fixes is a bug that would sometimes cause the game to crash when gunners switched seats in an IFV/MBT. The developers have also fixed a bunch of cosmetic-yet-important issues, like the sound of bullet impacts now matches the actual number of rounds fired and missing sounds from Team and Squad Deathmatch modes have been restored.  The full list of fixes can be found on the official EA Battlefield 4 Forum.

Polygon is reporting that the patch also addresses some issues with Mantle, AMD’s low-level graphics API that would also sometimes cause the game to crash. Mantle aims to unify the graphics architecture between games consoles and PCs, making it possible to develop games for all platforms at the same time.

Mantle support, which DICE (BF4’s developer) claims improves performance for gamers with compatible AMD graphics cards, was integrated into Battlefield 4 in an update that rolled out in early February. Shortly after that, gamers with qualifying AMD graphics cards began reporting problems with freezing and crashing, lag spikes and other anomalies; with the patch installed, those will hopefully no longer be a problem.

You might remember back in December we wrote about Battlefield 4’s developer halting work on extra content for the game so that they could fix the bugs that had plagued it since its launch; the patch released yesterday for the PC version of the game is the result of that commitment.

If you’re a big Battlefield gamer, and you don’t notice an appreciable improvement in the game this weekend, please let us know.

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