The Gaming Gods have listened: the Goat Simulator game that I wrote about in early February is being made into a full PC game, and it’s coming out on April Fool’s Day. The virtual heavens be praised!

The full Goat Simulator will be about running around as a goat, breaking stuff, and having stuff stick to your tongue that you can then use to knock over even more stuff. There’s no real point, it’s just about having fun and laughing yourself sick at all the stupid things your goat gets up to.

If this game doesn’t win the 2014 Game of the Year award, there is no justice in this world.

Goat Simulator can be pre-ordered right now at, and it’ll cost you just $9.99 which is just over a hundred bucks right now. You might want to get in on this action now, before the rand goes a-wandering north of the R11/$ mark again.

Also, watch the new trailer and try not to laugh. TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!

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